To speak with Nancy call 386-295-1594 Ask for social media special $50.00 mini session.

If you want photography that is creative, fresh and truly special, Firerose is for you. Weddings are still a favorite even though I've put a lot of my time into shelter animals lately. Boudoir, glamor and specialty photography is where Firerose excels. I have been shooting for over thirty years and although photoshop is a wonderful thing, getting it right in the camera is more important. Senior portraits casual and formal that won't cost you that first born child, family beach shots. product photography... you name it. I've been taking people's photos for 35 years. I still shoot film occaissionally. I'm old school. Yes, I know how to manipulate photos with a program and it's needed sometimes, but it needs to be right going into the camera. Lighting is everything and no matter how much you spend on a program, you can't change what you didn't do right.
Here is a list of photography Firerose can help you with:
Website design and website photography
* weddings
*portraits- family and individual
* modeling portfolio
*children and baby photos and maternity
*glamor and boudoir with concept photos and custom books
(books are designed with custom layout work and graphics)
Things Firerose can not help you with:
Bridezillas... paid my dues. Do not do mean brides anymore.
Free or trade.... have plenty of portfolio and, as a professional, Firerose is compensated.
Most of the makeup is done by Nancy Rojas.
There is no extra charge for makeup and styling. I use MAC cosmetics.